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Lilo is an artist and muralist living and working in LA.

Her esthetically pleasing signature black and white paintings have a unique style that effortlessly mixes contemporary with the nostalgic and the flowing whimsy details adds a delicate and modern feminine touch to her work.

She has painted murals, had art shows and been a part of group exhibits in Los Angeles and Sacramento. 


Lilo’s continuous line work is created, as the name says, by not lifting the pen from start to end.

I love the simplicity in the lines. They tangle up. Just like the relations with ourselves and others. And as in our relations, we can chose to zoom in and get lost  - or look at the full picture and see how simple and beautiful life really is. 


Lilo’s wall jewels in the “Chains” Collection are inspired by pearls and chains on wet skin. 

I have played around with the idea of creating something really feminine for a while.

My wall jewels are a tribute to the magical patterns my pearls and necklaces create when my skin is wet.

Every “pearl” is hand poured on canvas, and the shadows shifts with the light, creating different looks throughout the day.