.scented candle "PURE PEACE"

  • $70.00

Hand painted and unique.


Scented candle in concrete vessel with a crackling wooden wick

4 oz, Est burn time 25 hours

2.8 x 3 inches


Purity, forgiveness, cleansing, peace, balance, spirituality, healing, truth, innocence, balance, hope, clarity, openness and goodness.

Care instructions:

If you want to use the vessel after the candles has burned out, gently hand wash it and avoid scrubbing them. The paint is not dishwasher safe.


It has taken me forever to find the right wax, the perfect scent and wick.

I really love that this wax becomes see through when it gets hot, without smoking and it doesn't leave black residue on the vessel.

The wick is a crackling wooden wick that sounds like a tiny fire place And it adds a little fireplace scent too 🔥

I mixed the scent from multiple essential oils and added just enough for it to be subtle and clean.

Every vessel is a unique one-of-a-kind hand painted artwork.